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What is IraqChild Project

It is one of Iraqi Association projects, it  aims at providing help and assistance to children in Iraq, those who have been affected by war, violence and displacement. It delivers services to children regardless of their religious, gender, political, ethnic or political backgrounds.  
The project provides services through
The creation of public awareness of the needs of children in Iraq.

The establishment of support to provide emergency aid,  welfare and medical programmes, and psychosocial treatment sessions.   

The development of children’s activities to unite children and
to promote peace with and for children who have been driven apart  because of the sectarian divide.

IraqChild does this by
Working with local non-governmental organisation partners and local authorities in both conflict and post conflict areas to support children and their parents.

Encourage child supportive livelihood opportunities, and addressing the developmental needs of the most vulnerable and marginalised children.

Providing treatment for injured children through local medical clinic partners.   
We will direct your money wherever the need is greatest

We will only work through known and trusted local partner organisations in Iraq.

We will keep you informed about both our work and the progress of our role to tackle the protection of children in Iraq.
In a country where almost half of the population is under the age of eighteen, often children face the constant threat of kidnapping, violence and bombings. Injured children continue to suffer the effects of the violence, and have become more vulnerable to chronic diseases. Many of them have lost their limbs and arms, this requires psychological treatments. Serious injuries can lead to loss of limbs, hearing, or sight; brain damage; paralysis; and other debilitating conditions.
Iraqi children have been affected worst by the continuing violence
As commonly occur in Baghdad, a  10 year old Nida lay in one of Baghdad’s hospital, amidst a crowded hospital room, she limply waved her arm at the flies that buzzed over the bed. Her shins is shattered by bullets. It is time to save precious lives.
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