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Press Release

Saddam's Verdict Delivered by Iraqi People


"During his leadership this man has brought death and destruction to a multitude of people beyond imagination. Now, we are witnessing his legacy in the violence that permeates Iraq today." Said Jabbar Hasan, director of Iraqi Association in London.

"It's the first time ever in the history of the Middle East to see a dictator to be judged directly by his own people, history tells us that the transformation of governance is often bloody as the disposed and his henchmen battle out supremacy. Questioning the fairness underestimates the weight of the rule of law that Iraqis desperately need." Said Hasan

Transparency and independent judiciary system never existed in Iraq before, but this time Iraqis insisted on holding this trial within their border under the full glare of cameras. Dozens of witnesses were heard, and more than thousand pages of evidence were entered into the record. We heard the testimonies of people whose lives were destroyed by this savagery, and whose pain echoed that of millions of Iraqis who endured one of the bloodiest tyrannies in the modern history of the World.

"Let's ask the families of the innocent women, men, and children who were tortured, raped and murdered in Saddam's jails, how they feel about that. The people of Iraq will prevail. No religious dogma, no biased media propaganda, and no political motives will diminish their collective will." Said Hasan.

Anyone with the smallest knowledge of Iraq knows that its society and infrastructure and institutions have been appallingly maimed and beggared by three decades of war and divide and rule tactics of Saddam.

For more information please contact Jabbar Hasan on 020 8741 5491 Mobile 07761 081030
Email: info@iraqiassociation.org

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