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Press Release

Immediate withdrawal will lead to a humanitarian nightmare


Most Iraqis expect the Baker Commission's report to provide intellectual cover for retreat and may produce more peace in America than in Iraq. Equally, the regionalisation solution will undoubtedly diminish democratic hope of Iraqi people.

"After all Britain made a commitment to the people of Iraq to turn tyranny to democracy." Said Jabbar Hasan, director of Iraqi Association in London.

Regionalisation of Iraq will allow bordering countries to protect their interests in Iraq directly. We are skeptical that those countries will want to be helpful. "Instead of regionalisation, we need to jump-start political accord and genuine militia disarmament." Said Hasan.

"It doesn't matter how "realistic" the political proposals drawn up by Baker Commission may be, unless the majority of Iraqi people can be protected from foreign terrorists, militias and death squads, they will not be able to negotiate and sustain any political solution." Said Hasan

There is no getting around of the fact that under present conditions, cut and run policy or regionalisation solution, will bring about the rapid collapse of Iraq, and the violence we are seeing today would seem minor compared to the bloodshed of a genuine civil war.

For more information please contact Jabbar Hasan on 020 8741 5491 Mobile 07761 081030
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