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Press Release

Sectarian Hate Breads More Violence


We are devastated by the latest carnage in Baghdad that over 130 people were killed and 300 wounded on Saturday in the deadliest single bombing. The blast at the al-Sadriya market area demolished at least three buildings and set fire to dozens of businesses, trapping scores of people under piles of rubble.

"This kind of atrocities disfigures the Baghdadi people and breads more refugees and internally displaced people." Said Jabbar Hasan of Iraqi Association in London.

"Those who want peace in Iraq represent the overwhelming majority of all ethnic and religious groups. And those who want to fail Iraqi people are the forces of darkness of death squads, bitter-enders of previous regime, foreign terrorists and militias' sadistic sectarian murderers and their thuggish rivalries." Said Jabbar Hasan.

As the fourth year of war nears its end, the Middle East's largest refugee crisis is unfolding in a climate of fear, persecution and tragedy. According to UNHCR, Nearly 2 million Iraqis - about 8 percent of the pre-war population have sought safety mostly in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. The refugees include large numbers of doctors, academics and other professionals vital for the country's recovery. The latest carnage will push people further to leave their homes. Western developed countries must not neglect the Iraqi refugee crisis in Jordan and Syria, urgent solutions must be considered.

For more information please contact Jabbar Hasan on 020 8741 5491 Mobile 07761 081030
Email: info@iraqiassociation.org

Notes to editors:
1. Every year Iraqi Association deals with more than 10,000 cases.
2. We work with local NGOs in Iraq to supports children, those who have been affected by war and violence. You can donate online using our secure website www.iraqiassociation.org
3. We also assist people here with settlement needs and integration process.

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