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Press Release

Basra's Stolen Lives


"My beautiful city of Basra is becoming a place of misery and fear for many women, children, and its diverse communities, traditionally, Basra has enjoyed a high degree of tolerance and secularism." A quote from Ahmed Khudayir, one of Iraqi Association users in London.

Basra is a pluralistic, and socially diverse city. It is home to sizeable communities of Shia, Sunnis, Kurdish, Christians, mainly Chaldaean, Assyrian and Mandaeans. The impact of these minorities can be felt in several quarters of Basra such as 'Ashthar and Suq al-Shaykh. As a port city, Basra has attracted a wide variety of merchants, which further enriched its diversity.

"But Basra's vibrant pluralism is in danger to be destroyed forever, and the prevailing mood is of gloom and fear. Extremists and criminal gangs are operating freely in the city, to establish their power through intimidation, beatings and summary executions of anyone resisting their efforts to install their rule. Often they kill women, leave a piece of paper to justify their hideous crimes. Or in some cases, female students had been shot in the legs for not wearing proper dresses." Said Jabber Hasan, Director of Iraqi Association.

For more information please contact Jabbar Hasan on 020 8741 5491 Email: info@iraqiassociation.org

Notes to editors:
  1. Iraqi Association assists people to integrate in the United Kingdom.
  2. Every year Iraqi Association deals with more than 10,000 cases.
  3. We work with local NGOs in Iraq to support children, those who have been affected by war and violence. You can donate online using our secure website www.iraqiassociation.org

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