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Press Release

The Heart of Darkness Can Not Stop Our March towards Peace and Democracy

"Their faith is not Islam but macho medievalism, sadistic thugs bringing fear and violence into our country and threatening the lives of thousands of people." Said Jabbar Hassan of the ICA, ( the main Iraqi organisation in the United Kingdom).

Sadamists and Jihadists are now desperately trying to make elections impossible and see this as the first stage in making Iraq ungovernable.

The ruthlessness, the cruelty and life-denying viciousness of evil suicide bombers and kidnappers must be eradicated. They are the enemies of humanity and barbarians in the crudest sense.

Under Saddam's regime, millions have fled Iraq and sought safety elsewhere, and thousands have been murdered. Iraq under Saddam was the only country in the region that had invaded two of its neighbours in a decade. Saddam had violated 15 mandatory resolutions of the United Nations' Security Council for 13 years, and hosted many terror groups, and it was the only one to have used chemical weapons in war since 1916, and the only one to have wiped out most of the population of a Kurdish town of Halabja, using a gas attack.

The structures of despotism and terror that built over half a century have been dismantled in Iraq, but opponents of peace and democracy, many of then non-Iraqis, would like to see another Iraqi Taliban regime, and involved in violence and evil terror activities.

Our sympathy and support goes out to the families, friends and relatives of all those who have lost their loved one in Iraq, we hope that soon peace and democracy will prevail in that country.

For further information please contact Jabbar Hassan on: 020 8741 5491 Mobile 0776 1081030.

- iA is a major Iraqi organisation in the UK. It was established in 1987, every year the organisation deals with more than 10,000 Iraqi cases in the United Kingdom.

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