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Press Release

Press Release


Our refugee protection system holds people's lives at risk

We are dismayed that UKBA is working with Iraqi Interior Ministry Officials here to screen Iraqis.
“Our refugee protection system holds people's lives at risk, although Iraqi is becoming yesterday’s news, but the misery is continuing unabated, are we not human?” Said Jabbar Hasan of Iraqi Association in Hammersmith, west London.

In the latest highly unusual method, it was reported that the Home Office is working here with officials from the Iraqi Interior Ministry to screen Iraqis in order to deport them back to Iraq.

(Guardian newspaper 03.06.2010). The same ministry which is accused by the Human Rights Watch for operating death squads and killings in Baghdad and elsewhere. UKBA must have considered this fact before embarking on this method. Adopting this way to expel those sought sanctuary here contravenes not only the UN 1951 Convention, but our values and freedom.

Human Rights Watch says that every month, hundreds of people are abducted, tortured and killed by what many believe are death squads that include shadowy security forces. To terrorize the population, the killers often dump the mutilated corpses in public areas.

“Refugees are not immigrants, in the end, being accepted or denied as a refugee can mean life or death for an asylum claimant. These people have been treated as commodity to be packaged by any means, and without accountability ”. Said Jabbar Hasan.

For more information please contact Jabbar 020 8741 5491 Email: info@iraqiassociation.org

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