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Terror Heaps Suffering on People Who Already Suffered Enough...

19 June 2014


The regional ferment has been stocked by Syrian civil war as it spills across the border and ignites Sunnis and Shiites sects in neighbouring states to also attack one another. Said Jabbar Hasan, of Iraqi Association in Hammersmith. The misery continues, as innocent and vulnerable people are paying a heavy cost. Thousands have fled and sought safety in the Kurdish region.

Many fears that Syria’s deadly civil war is reverberating in the wider region, as the sectarian proxy war flare up. Iraqis are sentimental and often their emotions lead them to follow those who pretend to be religious, said Jabbar hasan.

Our community is deeply worried and concern that again the cycle of hate and sectarian murder will engulf Baghdad. This terrible and ghastly terror is fuelled further when a group of extremists started to control the city of Mosul.

On a good day, the drive from Mosul to Erbil takes less than two hours. Last Sunday morning, with his city under the control of extremists and psychopaths, its morgue filled with bodies and people running low on food, water and fuel, Jamil packed his family of six into his car and set off for the capital of the Kurdish region, Erbil to seek safety. The trip, with its wave of people on the move and constant checkpoints, took more than 12 hours, he said.

Iraq is poised at the crossroads between two starkly different visions, the foreign psychopaths and former regime’s hardliner Baathists. There is a real risk of further deadly sectarian atrocities on a massive scale.

We appeal to all Iraqi political and religious leaders to avoid incitement, and that there should be genuine reconciliation to form a national unity government. The unity government can only be formed by all Iraqi leaders deciding whether they love their children more than they hate each other. That is the most important question they must answer, it can't be avoided any longer.

For further information, please contact Jabbar Hasan on 020 7023 2650.

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