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Press Release

09 July 2005

We are all Londoners...

"The good old red London bus, a worldwide symbol of our capital, ripped to pieces. Random and senseless though such violence may appear, we also all know, it expresses a deadly poisonous sick ideology." Said Jabbar Hasan, Director of the Iraqi Community Association in London.

"Our Community are shocked and angered by the despicable actions of these terrorists, but we must all channel these emotions into a constructive resolve and not to allow our anger to turn against our fellow citizens." Said Mr Hasan of ICA.

All these attacks do is strengthen our resolve to see these cowards brought to justice. It is not an assault on our values but rather an assault on all civilisations.

Attacks on our transportation system are an open proclamation that the perpetrators don't care if they kill Muslims, Christians, Hindus or Jews. The sadistic sick fanatic culture of freedom haters cannot and will not divide our multicultural society.

Terrorist Fanatics and extremists would like to create a great gulf between the Muslim world and the globalizing west. We must do all we can to limit the civilizational fallout from this bombing.

"For a few moments on 7/7, Londoners received a taste of what life is like for the people of Iraq, whose Muslim faith does not protect them from slaughter at the hands of evil murderers." Said Mr Hasan of ICA.

The terrorist attacks in London, should be a stark reminder of Sept. 11, 2001. The global war on terrorism is being waged against enemies who will kill civilians and disrupt the daily routine of freedom-loving people worldwide. Should there be any lingering doubt, the horrific bombings in London remind us that fanatics will not hesitate to strike civilian targets in order to send their message and attempt to reverse the rising tide of democracy in the Middle East.

We send our deepest condolences to the victims' families and friends, and our thoughts with those who have injured; we wish them an early recovery.

For further information please contact Jabbar Hasan on 020 8741 5491 or 07761081030. Email: iraqicommunity@btclick.com

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